Sam, Manchester Escort


The Nuru Gel Massage concept originates from Japanese Soaplands. It is now being adopted by the Western World and is fast becoming the latest big thing in massage; no longer do you have to travel so far for this exotic massage.

A Nuru Massage is a ‘wet’ massage that typically starts off with an assisted bath or shower, and then the warmed product is used on still damp skin which means the couple can then glide effortlessly all over each other’s bodies for a perfect body2body massage, the ultimate in sexy massage.

All of the products are colourless, odourless, and non-sticky. All will wash off with pure water, and are water based so can be used with condoms without fear of perishing.

The product itself has the main ingredients Grape Seed Extract & Seaweed which is well known for its herbal detoxifying properties. When used on dry skin it will absorb to nourish and restore tone and vitality making for fresh healthy skin which is left feeling silky smooth.

I am 50 years of age although I am often told that I look much younger.I am an experienced companion, who is bubbly and friendly and and considered to be a good listener.

Should you choose to take me out for the evening you will find me great company and an excellent companion.

I am a sexual and sensual person who thoroughly enjoys her work.
I am a “people person” through and through and I have a very caring and loving personality. I am a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer and you can always find me in the gym – of course I have a fantastic toned body to show for all those hard workouts