Sam, Manchester Escort


My Latest Field Report on AW

So I was greeted by Sam and Evie in see through mesh type dresses or maybe over throws. Underneath, as requested, they were only in stockings and suspenders, they both looked amazing. Wow, Wow were my words as I walked through the door. I could see both pairs of amazing breasts and their shaven smooth lovely pussies. I didn’t know what to do, for a minute, where should my hands go of anything.

Then Sam came up said hello and snogged my face off, wow. Then over came Evie and she did the same then snogged Sam. I was in heaven but I had to take the weight off my feet and sat on the couch. Both ladies made me feel right at ease, made a little tease and then came and sat either side of me. Sam just put her tongue down my throat again and my hands wondered around her arse and feeling her tits through the dress as her nipples were poking out, naturally I had a nibble on them. Then Sam and Evie snogged again and I felt both their arses, examining and admiring such beautiful bums.

Then Evie started to kiss me and Sam started to feel the raging hard on in my pants. Wow Evie has an amazing body and tits just like Sam, my hands were wandering all over her tits and arse before finding her tight wet pussy. Evie then suggested I lose some clothes so off came my top and both ladies were clamped onto a nipple straight away. Both were now feeling the bulge in my trousers, and in no time my pants were round my ankles and my cock was admiring the view and touch of both ladies. They both got on their knees had a bit of s snog and then both licked up and down my shaft before Evie (I think) took my cock in her mouth. Amazing, fantastic blow job, Sam was licking what was left of my shaft before working on my balls. Then they meet over the top of my cock before having a snog with there tongues flicking each other’s and the tip of my cocktail. I was in heaven. One sucked my cock, one sucked my nipples and snogged my face whilst my hands wandered into their pussies and on their tits.

I would have loved to stay on the couch but I was lead by Evie holding on to my cock into the bedroom. Sam got herself on her back on the bed and begged Evie to lick her pussy whilst I poundered Evie doggy style. I’m a good boy, I did what I was told. Sam sucked my cock again whilst putting on the condom whilst she was licked out by Evie. I surveyed the scene before going around the back of Evie who’s arse was up in the air and her glistening pussy was winking at my. Naturally I got my face buried deep in there, tasting her juices, fingering her tight pussy, rimming her arse, sucking on her clit. Sam begged me to fuck Evie so as the good boy I was I stood up and placed my rock hard cock in Evie’s pussy, boy did it feel good! Fast, slow, hard, soft, hard, soft i fucked Evie’s pussy. A great sight seeing my cock enter her whilst she licked Sams pussy. I stopped and joined Evie in licking Sams pussy, boy that was horny. Me fingering licking Sam out and then snogging Evie.

Evie then got me on my back, straddled me and sat on my cock, she then rode the life out of me. I couldn’t see this though as in the meantime Sam sat on my face and demanded I lick her pussy and make her cum. How could I resist? Then Evie jumped off, the condom came off and she sucked my cock, until it was Sams turn to ride the fuck out of me. Evie also then sat on my face, boy did her pussy taste good! Sam then did a bit of reverse cowgirl, all the time my hands were on her arse as I tried to pound it in time with her own hip movements.

Once Sam had cummed on my cock off she jumped sucking my cock, condom off and they both started to suck my cock again, I’m in heaven and could hold back no longer as they were both demanding my spunk in their mouths. So up I got, both girls at the end of the bed, sucking me and playing with my balls, snogging each other. That did it and I spunked a real big load into their mouths and on their faces. Both swallowing Edgar they received and then making sure both had none or their faces or any was left on my cock or in my balls. Wow wow wow. It was amazing, such a sexy sight with two incredibly sexy women. We then laid on the bed, chatting Evie in my arms, tickling my cock and balls, Sam admiring talking for England whilst we listened. I had such an amazing time and will be doing this again with them both very soon!! Def recommend if you can save the pennies!!

I am 45 years of age although I am often told that I look much younger.I am an experienced companion, who is bubbly and friendly and and considered to be a good listener.

Should you choose to take me out for the evening you will find me great company and an excellent companion.

I am a sexual and sensual person who thoroughly enjoys her work.
I am a “people person” through and through and I have a very caring and loving personality. I am a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer and you can always find me in the gym – of course I have a fantastic toned body to show for all those hard workouts